Course Dates & Schedule

Our Weekend Training Course is perfect for those interested in completing our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with a double emphasis in Hot Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. This course is held at Hot Yoga Club, is comprised of ten weekends, meeting Saturday and Sunday, and is perfect for those wanting to maintain their personal, work and/or school schedules as they attend a yoga teacher training course. 


Hot Yoga Club

1140 Mangrove Ave., Ste. B

Chico, CA 95926

Hot Yoga Club has multiple practice rooms which perfectly serve this combined training of Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. The studio includes bathrooms and filtered water. Adequate parking available and multiple restaurants and grocery stores nearby for grabbing lunch.


Weekend 1 | TBA

Weekend 2 | TBA

Weekend 3 | TBA

Weekend 4 | TBA

Weekend 5 | TBA

Weekend 6 | TBA

Weekend 7 | TBA

Weekend 8 | TBA

Weekend 9 | TBA

Weekend 10 | TBA



9 – 11:45 AM  Rotating Subjects*

12 – 1 PM  Vinyasa Practice

1 – 2:30 PM  Lunch

2:30 – 4:30 PM  Rotating Subjects*

4:45 – 7 PM  Techniques Lab


9 – 11:45 AM  Techniques Lab

12 – 1 PM  Hot Yoga Practice

1 – 2:30 PM  Lunch

2:30 – 4:30 PM  Rotating Subjects*

4:45 – 7 PM  Techniques Lab

*Rotating Subjects include Teaching Methodology, Yoga Humanities and Anatomy & Physiology, as designated by Yoga Alliance.

Course Content

Spira Yoga School is a Registered Yoga School and our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training curriculum follows the guidelines and requirements set forth by Yoga Alliance. The foundation of our course is Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, and trainees will gain ample knowledge of a variety of postures as well as learn how to sequence and teach Hot Series, Vinyasa, Hatha Flow and/or Gentle Yoga.

To meet the minimum requirement of 200 hours, our particular course is actually comprised of 160 hours earned in the classroom with lead trainer and experienced registered yoga teacher, Amanda Correa, as well as a variety of other trainers with diverse educational backgrounds and yoga experience. The remaining 20 hours will be obtained outside of the classroom by the trainee through online video coursework. Additional time is needed to complete various homework assignments, study far exams and prepare for public teaching. The course finalizes when each trainee teaches two 60-minute public yoga classes.


  • Dual emphasis on Classic Hot and Vinyasa Yoga with methods for teaching both set series and unique sequences

  • Extensive education in Anatomy and Kinesiology as applied to asana alignment

  • Examination of 100+ postures, including variations, modifications and advancements

  • Study of yoga terminology, ranging from Sanskrit posture names to anatomical terms

  • Group analysis and discussion of key concepts from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and other yoga philosophy texts

  • Substantial teaching opportunities throughout the course, including 2 final one-hour public classes

  • Evaluation of ethics as they apply to the yoga industry as well as business aspects of teaching yoga


  • Techniques & Practice (90 hrs) – Extensive education of yoga techniques such as asana, pranayama, meditation, bandha and other subtle practices; all-encompassing analysis with understanding of different yoga lineages; guided practice of these techniques every training weekend

  • Teaching Methodology (35 hrs) – Analytical study of teaching styles and styles of learning; how and when to utilize demonstration, observation, assists, and adjustments; qualities of a yoga teacher

  • Anatomy and Physiology (10 hrs) – Review and discussion of online video material; examination emphasizes musculoskeletal anatomy and kinesiology, but will include systems of the body and nutrition

  • Yoga Humanities (10 hrs) – Discussion and chanting of the Yoga Sutras; review of online video material; submission of written/video essay on the eight limbs of yoga

  • Observing Practicum (10 hrs) – Observe and assess yoga classes taught by fellow trainees during in-classroom hours

  • Assist/Adjust Practicum (12 hrs) – Trainees will be required to assist and adjust one another; afterwards each trainee will receive feedback from fellow trainees and the lead trainer of the course

  • Teaching Practicum (3 hrs) – Each trainee will teach postures and sets of postures throughout the course; towards the end of the course each trainee will teach two 30 minute segments of a class in preparation for their public classes (see below); after teaching, each trainee will be given written assessments from fellow trainees and the lead trainer of the course, as well as a copy of the video recorded teachings


  • Anatomy and Physiology (20 hrs) – In-depth online material covering human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology; learn how to apply this knowledge to yoga students; understand physiological benefits and contraindications of yoga poses

  • Yoga Humanities (20 hrs) – Multiple, short-segmented online videos covering various yoga and Eastern philosophies and practices; ethics for yoga teachers

  • Observing Practicum (1 hr) – Trainees will attend, observe and journal about a public yoga class and afterwards will share their observations during a classroom discussion

  • Teaching Practicum (2 hrs) – Each trainee will teach two 60 minute yoga class for free to the public at Hot Yoga Club; afterwards, the trainee will be given written assessments from the students who attend the class, a thorough written assessment from the principal instructor of the course, and a copy of the video recorded class

  • Homework & Study (100+ hrs) – Course assignments require additional time to complete and prepare for; although these hours are required to be successful, they are not accounted for in the 200 hours of the course; trainees are expected to dedicate an additional 5+ hours each week to assignments / studies during the length of the course


Techniques for Inverting & Arm Balancing Yoga Postures

  • Posture names in Sanskrit and their English translation

  • Purpose of each posture from the Anamaya Kosha, or the outer physical body

  • In depth look at alignment, considering any subtle differences between the two major lineages from the Krishnamacharya tradition

  • Practice each posture, with entrance and exit transitions

  • Posture benefits: physically, mentally and energetically

  • Posture contraindications and reasons for modifications

  • Look at individual student bodies in postures to recognize differences and practice visual alignment mapping

Course Cost & Due Dates

The 2021 Weekend Training Course tuition is $2,500.  A $250 non-refundable deposit is due at course enrollment and is the only way to reserve a trainee’s place in the training.  Please note the following tuition deadlines and required course materials:

Deposit:  A $250 Non-Refundable Deposit due upon enrollment

Early Bird Special:  A $250 discount is applied to tuition paid in full 3 months prior to the course start date

Tuition Deadline:  The full, remaining tuition is due on the first day of the course; for those who cannot pay the tuition in full by then, a payment plan is created, with an initial installment fee, to pay the tuition over the length of the course

Payment Plans:  6 Payments Over the Length of the Course

  • 1st Payment - $375 + $50 Installment Fee due on first day of course

  • 2nd Payment - $375 due 1 month into the course

  • 3rd Payment - $375 due 2 months into the course

  • 4th Payment - $375 due 3 months into the course

  • 5th Payment - $375 due 4 months into the course

  • 6th Payment - $375 due 5 months into the course

Required Course Materials

Not included in the course tuition:

  1. Yoga Sequencing by Mark Stephens

  2. The Key Muscles of Yoga, Volume 1 by Ray Long

  3. Teaching People Not Poses by Jay Fields

  4. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, any translator

  5. 8 GB USB or SD Card

Application & Enrollment

Below you can find our online application as well as a printable paper application for our 2020 Hot + Flow Yoga Weekend Course. Please contact us if you have any inquiries before applying or would like to attend a yoga class taught by the lead trainer of our course. We can't wait to receive your application, meet you and work with you in our training!


You may either complete the application online or you may download, print and complete a paper copy of the application, both of which are available below.


If you print your application, you may:


fax your completed application to +1-530-487-0750


scan and email your completed application to info@spira.yoga


Once we have received and reviewed your application (this may take a few business days), we will contact you to schedule an interview, either in person or over the phone. During the interview we will also review course information and answer any questions.

Online Application for All 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Printable Paper Application for 2020 Hot + Flow Yoga Teacher Training in Chico, CA


Spira is an established and experienced Registered Yoga School based out of Northern California offering cost effective courses both locally and abroad. When it comes to our training courses, we sacrifice neither quality nor affordability. What we prioritize is spreading the light and knowledge of yoga.

We understand expense can limit one from making their dream of teaching yoga a reality. Because our mission is to assist all who aspire to teach and work diligently in becoming a teacher, we have chosen to make our courses very affordable. However, some may find even our pricing out of their budget, which is why we encourage all prospective trainees in need of financial assistance to apply for our partial scholarships. Partial scholarships are awarded with or without work trade and based on financial need. Only a limited amount of scholarships are be awarded per training course. 

Our Scholarship & Work Trade Application for our 2020 Hot + Flow Yoga Weekend Course is below.  If you need any assistance with this application or if have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Scholarship & Work Trade Application for 2020 Hot + Flow Yoga Teacher Training in Chico, CA

Weekend Course Teacher Trainers
Amanda C Correa


Tiffany Chen


Rex Stromness


Andrew Gere


Tom Hess



Lisa Cox


Lisa Bridgman


Katie Z Robinson



Kristy Haber


Khaleela O'Neal


Course Policies

In accordance with Yoga Alliance and to maintain the caliber of our Yoga Teacher Training Program, Spira Yoga School has in place a 1) Tardy, Absence, and Make-up Policy, 2) Code of Conduct Policy, and 3) Terms of Payment, Withdrawal, and Termination.  


A tardy is considered not being seated, materials open, ready for training at the time the class begins.  A training class tardy of 10 minutes or greater is weighted as an absence.  An accumulation of three training class tardies of less than 10 minutes will be converted into an absence of one hour.  If you are going to be tardy to a training class, please inform the lead trainer immediately and enter into the classroom quietly unless requested to do otherwise.

If you are not prompt for a yoga class, meditation class, or lecture/workshop presented by a guest speaker or teacher, you will be counted absent, no tardiness, no exceptions.  On the syllabus are listed times for such classes, and if any syllabus changes should occur you will be made aware of these changes with ample time.  If you do arrive tardy to a yoga class, meditation class, or guest lecture/workshop, the door will be locked; please refrain from attempting to enter and disrupt the class.  You may attend the other classes that training day/weekend.  Please note that this strict policy only applies to yoga classes, meditation classes, and guest lectures/workshops, and not training classes taught by the lead trainer. 

It is understandable that emergencies may arise; however, it is not advisable to commit to a Yoga Teacher Training Weekend Course with other known obligations that will interfere with your attendance.  This course will continue to build upon itself without forgiveness for multiple absences.  This being said, should an emergency arise that prevents you from attending, Spira Yoga School permits various absences in the following categories:

  1. Up to three hours of absences within each Rotating Subject (Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy & Physiology & Teaching Methodology) are permitted.

  2. Up to five total hours of absences from Techniques Lab are permitted.

  3. Up to five total hours of absences from Practice classes are permitted.

  4. If you know in advance you are going to be absent for a class or day, please email the lead trainer as soon as possible.  If an emergency causes your absence, please call and inform the program director of your absence.  

All tardies and absences are recorded, and although trainees will not be reminded of their current state of attendance, they are welcome to view and verify the records after each training day.  It is the responsibility of the trainee to coordinate with the lead trainer to obtain any and all materials missed.  It is also the responsibility of the trainee to uphold the Tardy, Absence, and Make-Up Policy.

If you accumulate more absences than permitted above, Spira Yoga School reserves the right to immediately expel you from the training course.  No refunds will be due to you for any prior payments, even if the payment was in full.  If you wish to continue the training despite excessive absences, you may submit an appeal in writing as to why you should be permitted to continue the course.  If Spira Yoga School chooses to accept your appeal, you will be required to make-up the hours missed, depending on the category, in the following methods: 

  1. If a trainee is absent from Rotating Subjects, the trainee will be required to make up the hours with the lead trainer at a rate of $125 per hour, due prior to receiving the make-up materials and private lesson.  Note that one private hour with the lead trainer equates to two hours of missed class time.

  2. If a trainee is absent from Techniques or Practice, the trainee will make up the absences, hour for hour, in a yoga class taught by the lead trainer, at the trainee’s cost (not included in the tuition).

  3. All make-up classes must be completed within 14 days from the absence.

If a trainee fails an exam during the training, the trainee will be required to retake the exam until they receive a passing mark in order to continue with the training.  The exam must be retaken within 14 days of the most recent, failed exam.  Please note that in the categories of Anatomy & Physiology and Practicum Teaching, 80% and above is considered passing and 79% and below is considered failing; in all other subject categories, 70% and above is considered passing.  Each additional retake exam will be administered at a rate of $100 per exam.

A written or verbal 24 hour cancellation policy is in place for Practicum Teaching classes.  If a trainee does not show to a Practicum Teaching class, or gives less than 24 hours’ notice, a $50 fee will be charged before rescheduling the missed practicum class.


I will proactively use the syllabus and each subject’s “Assignments” handout given to me at the beginning of this course to stay abreast on what assignments are due and what will be expected of me in each training weekend.   I will complete all assignments within the time frame that they are due.


I will treat each yoga class as a class taught in a studio setting by: not speaking out loud during the class unless speaking quietly to the instructor if necessary; communicating any limitations to the instructor prior to class; keeping my personal area free of any objects other than my yoga mat, yoga props, and water bottle.  If I have a special medical or emergency reason that requires my cell phone ringer to be on, I will inform the instructor before class and I will keep my cell phone out of view.


I will use my tablet or computer solely for note taking during the training classes, and will refrain from internet and personal use.  I will keep my cell phone silenced and put away at all times during the training classes.  I will inform the trainer if there is a medical or emergency reason that requires my cell phone ringer to be on; however, I will still keep my cell phone put away.


I will refrain from any drug or alcohol use that may affect my performance and ability to be present during the training course.  This includes drug or alcohol use the day/evening before that may create a “hangover” during training as well as any prescribed drug use that affects my ability to participate and be present during any training classes or yoga classes.


I will take care of my health and sleep requirements so that I do not fall asleep during training classes.  I understand that if I cannot stay awake during training classes that I will be asked to leave and I will be counted absent for that training class.


I will respect fellow trainees and the lead trainer by: treating everyone with courtesy and kindness; expressing my ideas and opinions with politeness; listening to others fully and never speaking over or cutting off anyone; never belittling or judging others; never insulting or maliciously criticizing others; never gossiping or speaking ill of someone behind their back.  I will treat everyone the same no matter their race, gender, religion, size, age, or country of origin.


I will respect guest trainers by: only speaking when I am called upon or asked to share; communicating with my body, face, and words that I am respectful of their time and presence; expressing my ideas and opinions with politeness.  I will treat everyone the same no matter their race, gender, religion, size, age, or country of origin.


I will not participate in or condone any sexual or gender harassment as defined by the The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA); I will immediately report any harassment that I witness or am exposed to; I understand that courteous, mutually respectful, non-coercive interactions between trainees and/or staff of Spira Yoga School that are acceptable by both parties are not considered harassment of any nature.


It is the personal responsibility of each trainee to be mindful and aware of this Code of Conduct so that they may uphold it at all times.  Violation of the above Code of Conduct will result in an action, depending on the severity of the violation, ranging from a warning to temporary suspension for a class, day, or weekend, at the discretion of the lead trainer.  A violation of Codes 6, 7, or 8 will result in immediate expulsion from the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, without refund of prior payments or guarantee of future services.


The Deposit reserves a trainee’s space in the course and is non-refundable and non-transferable under all circumstances.  With the exception of the Deposit, all other fees are fully refundable up to the day prior to the first meeting of the course.  Thereafter, there is no refund of Program Tuition or Fees.

All payment methods will be determined before the start of the course.  All payments received, whether they are payments in full, payment plans, or fees, will follow the payment guidelines below:
Payment Guidelines

  • All payments are due on the date specified and are either turned in before the first class begins or after the last class has finished.

  • The trainee will receive a written receipt for each payment made, including fees.

  • It is the responsibility of the trainee to review each receipt at the time it is received to verify its correctness.

  • If a payment is late, even one day late, a fee of $25 will also be due.

  • Each payment received is non-refundable and non-transferable under all circumstances.

Additional Fees
The following additional fees may apply to this course:

  • Late Payment – $25

  • One-hour private make-up session – $125

  • Test re-take – $100

  • Missed Practicum Teaching – $50

  • Copies of additional Certificates of Completion – $25

Withdrawal & Termination
Circumstances beyond the control of the trainee and Spira Yoga School may interfere with a trainee’s ability to participate in the course, such as, but not limited to, illness, injury, pregnancy, job changes, family concerns, etc.  If a trainee decides to end their participation in the course for any reason due to any circumstance, all prior payments and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Spira Yoga School may decide to terminate any trainee’s participation in the course in the event that:  1) false information was used in the admission process that materially affects Spira Yoga School; 2) a trainee missed more than 10% of any subject category; 3) a trainee is absent for more than three consecutive days without contacting the program director; 4) the trainee fails to make timely payments they have agreed upon; 5) the trainee is unable to pass a test after being given three attempts; 6) the trainee’s conduct or behavior is unlawful or deemed inappropriate or disruptive to the welfare of the course or fellow trainees.  If Spira Yoga School decides to end the trainee’s participation in the course, the trainee is not entitled to any prior payments or fees, as all prior payments and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  



1-855-YOGA-108 (1-855-964-2108)

LOCAL CALL: 530-487-0750


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