"What's right for me?" This is probably the most important question to ask yourself when choosing a yoga teacher training course. Equally as important, take the time and space to honestly answer. There are training programs all over the world offering a variety of disciplines and learning styles. To know which is right for you, you must be clear on what it is that you want and be informed on what training programs of interest have to offer you.

Spira Yoga School's 200 hour yoga teacher training courses follow the guidelines set forth by Yoga Alliance, the largest non-profit association representing the yoga community and the leader in setting yoga school standards. Through our application process we are also scouting to find the right student to fit our training programs. Because this process is so important to us, we've dedicated some time in putting together a list of questions to ask and a few blog posts dedicated to the subject of selecting the right yoga school for you.


We suggest to all prospective trainees to make a list of questions to ask yoga schools of interest. If you're unsure of what to ask, take a peek at our top 10 most important questions for yoga schools at the bottom of this page. Along side each question we've given our answer as it pertains to Spira Yoga School.

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Top 10 Questions to Ask Every Yoga School:

What type of yoga is taught, both in practice and in teaching methodology?

Our courses feature multiple, educated, diverse yoga teachers who contribute to the practice portion of our courses, with classes ranging from Vinyasa to Hot Yoga, Ashtanga to Iyengar, and Trauma Informed Yoga to Restorative. Our teaching methodology curriculum has been carefully crafted by an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, emphasizes safe and effective teaching and sequencing methods, and can be applied to most styles of yoga. Trainees graduate confident and capable to teach in of a wide range of teaching opportunities.


What are the main concepts taught is this course?  What makes this training program stand out from others?

We strive in creating well-educated, well-rounded, authentic teachers who teach from their individuality as well as the knowledge they gain from our course. Unlike most other programs, we require each trainee teach two full length, public yoga classes before receiving their certificate. Our courses focus on anatomy, kinesiology and alignment to ensure our teachers are raising the standard in the yoga profession. We support the transition from training to teaching with a 6-month post-graduation mentorship program. We are invested in the success of each of our trainees.


Who are the trainers for this course?  What are their credentials and experience?

Each of our trainers is hand selected based on their educational background, professional experience and commitment to a yogic lifestyle. We are transparent about our trainers - their names, bios, and credentials are published on our site, and we are happy to assist prospective trainees in attending classes or meeting our trainers prior to enrolling in one of our courses.


What is covered in the Anatomy & Physiology portion of this course?

Yoga Alliance's Anatomy & Physiology curriculum requirements are broad and thus vary school to school. We believe this subject category to be the backbone of becoming a safe and informed yoga teacher. Our courses include in depth study of the musculoskeletal system including Anatomy (muscle and bone names, locations, and features, joint motions), Physiology (patterning, growth and relationships from embryonic development to adulthood), and Kinesiology (key principles of human movement). We ensure our graduates have a knowledge base in these sciences so they can instruct and adjust students safely.


How many trainees are accepted into the course?

We offer personalized instruction in small training class sizes with a cap of 10-15 trainees accepted into each 200 hour course; we boast our small student to teacher ratio and our ability to offer individual feedback on your practice, assignments, and teaching.


Will I learn how to teach beginners?  What about modifying poses to suit various needs?

Not only do we instill our trainees with the tools necessary to teach beginners safely and effectively, we also teach modifications and appropriate alignment adjustments for various populations. Trainees graduate feeling assured they can teach all levels and abilities.


How many hours of practice teaching are included in this course?  How many full length classes will I teach?

All trainee are required  to teach throughout the course, even if becoming a yoga teacher is not there intention. Teaching begins with a single pose, then a series of poses, until eventually trainees teach segments of their own written classes. These gradual peer teaching assignments culminate with two public, donation based yoga classes taught at the end of the course. All classes are recorded so trainees can self-critique and continue to grow. Because our course offers so much teaching opportunity, our graduates confidently audition and easily begin teaching as soon as they receive their certificate of completion.


Can we review the training cost and what it includes, deadlines and required course materials?

We are transparent with our course pricing and policies, which include various additional fees that may be incurred if a trainee does not follow our guidelines. We are also happy to speak with any prospective trainee, over the phone or in person, about our pricing or any other training details. If interested, please contact us.


Can you put me in touch to speak with / meet with one of your past graduates?

We are happy to arrange a phone or in person meeting with one of our past graduates for trainees to ask questions and get honest, candid answers from those who have been through our courses. Contact us and we will pair you with an alum or two.


Can I verify that you are a Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance?

Absolutely! We think this question is often overlooked, but especially important if interested in becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher. Be sure all schools of interest can verify they're in good standing with Yoga Alliance by visiting their online profile. Here's Spira Yoga School's online profile, along with verification of our past training programs and reviews from past graduates.

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