Saturday, May 30th from 2pm - 5pm at Hot Yoga Club, Chico, CA




Investing in a personal spiritual practice is important as a yogi, whether you're a student or a teacher. Taking the time to experience the yogic limbs of concentration and meditation can have profound effects on our practice as well as our life.  When we take time regularly to tune into and connect with ourselves, we are able to release and process emotions and stress, and we are able to come back to our true nature as kind, loving human beings. Those around us also benefit from our spiritual practices, and for those who teach yoga, your students will benefit as well!

During this workshop you will learn about and experience several different types of meditation techniques as well as tips and tricks to make your experience more successful.  We'll look at a wide array of yogic practices that lead to deeper states of focus and awareness.  You will be guided

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through meditation with basic instruction for posture, breathing, grounding, relaxing, and guided imagery.  Each meditation technique will be practiced with time afterwards for any questions.  For those interested in learning how to guide meditation, there will be time to practice teaching the techniques you learn, with feedback from the workshop leader, Katie.  As a longtime mediator, Katie honestly teaches from her personal experience and is passionate about strengthening your connection to Self.


Katie’s desire to understand the intricate workings of our body, mind and spirit led her to a year long intuitive energy healing course in her late 20’s. This program awakened a deeper passion for self-healing and exploration. In 2010, she advanced her training to the next level by becoming a Reiki Master teacher, furthering her education in breathwork, meditation, and intuition.

As Katie began to teach and inspire others to connect with their inner spirit, she continued her exploration and quest for knowledge. She enrolled in a Peace and Global studies program at a local community college and began exploring other aspects of our existence, including yoga. After a 


semester of diving into the various teachings of yoga, Katie realized she had found what she was looking for. Not only does yoga allow us to create an intimate relationship with our physical body, but it also encourages and supports our connection with our mind and spirit. Yoga facilitates the healing of our beliefs, allowing us to explore and transform both our inner and outer worlds. With this new understanding it became clear that Yoga was the path Katie had been on all along; she was home.


Through her own personal journey and relationship with yoga, Katie knows that some of the most important ways we can nourish ourselves is through breath, movement, and meditation. It is her mission to assist others in forming an intimate relationship with their body, mind and spirit. Using her training in both yoga and meditation, along with her intuitive gifts, Katie encourages and guides her students to their fullest potential.


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Attendees will receive a certificate of completion to submit to Yoga Alliance to receive ​3 Continuing Education Contact Hours.  For more information or if you have any questions, please email