We encourage all who are interested in attending a Yoga Teacher Training to clarify their intentions. Maybe attending a course is not just to enrich your own practice and understanding of yoga? Maybe you plan to teach!

If teaching is your goal, it is important to be realistic. It takes time to build a career and an income that can fully support you as a yoga teacher, and for many it never happens. But with patience, effort and creativity, you can create teaching opportunities in your community.  

After completing your training with Spira, we recommend you begin teaching immediately! Because Spira is a Registered Yoga School (RYS), our graduates are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance. Becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) may increase job options

Become a Yoga Teacher

for new yoga instructors, as this Yoga Alliance designation guarantees a level of education. Although Spira does not promise job placement, we are happy to write recommendations on behalf of our graduates and provide guidance through our post-graduation mentorship program as described below. Some of our graduates go on to audition and receive teaching positions at local yoga studios and gyms. Others have found teaching opportunities at community centers or offer their own classes in the park. If teaching truly is your passion, use our support and your creativity in finding opportunities for teaching. To learn more about the truths of becoming a yoga teacher, check out one of our blog posts:  Before You Pay for Your YTT


Our Post-Graduation Mentorship Program continues the communication between graduates and the lead trainer of our courses, as well as puts graduates into contact with other experienced registered yoga teachers in their area.  The goal of this program, which is included in the course tuition, is to assist Spira graduates with the transitional period from teacher training to teaching.  Although ultimately each graduate is responsible for creating their own opportunities to teach, as Spira Yoga School does not guarantee placement in any job position, we will be here as a sounding board, cheerleader and adviser to ensure trainees who have graduates from our courses will start moving in the right direction.

Our Post-Graduation Mentorship Program includes:

  • For the first 6 months after graduation, monthly personal check-ins by the lead trainer

  • Between monthly check-ins, an "open door" via email wherein graduates will receive a response within 48 hours

  • Upon request and if scheduling permits, constructive critique of a public class taught by a graduate

Although our mentorship program only spans the 6 month period immediately following graduation, we also host an Alumni page on Facebook for past and current graduates to connect and support one another, and the lead trainers of our courses continuously contribute to this page. We also encourage our graduates to remain in contact with the trainers of our courses throughout their teaching career. This is the promise Spira makes to our teacher training graduates.